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P   E   T   A   L   I

CREAZIONE SUGO proudly unveils its latest masterpiece, a creation that pilfers the very essence of nature's artistry, weaving sustainability into its very DNA.

PETALI is a sublime fusion of form and function, a creation that blurs the boundaries between furniture and sculpture. Imagine, if you will, a fantastical device, a portal to shrink the beholder into the diminutive stature of an insect, nestled within the embrace of a colossal flower's petals.

This enchanting marvel draws inspiration from the ethereal lotus and the ephemeral cherry blossom, symbolizing luck and longevity, whispered across millennia in the ancient tales of Chinese mythology. PETALI pays homage to these enduring symbols, crafting a symphony of artistry and nature.

Each sinuous curve, every meticulously handcrafted contour, breathes life into PETALI's galvanized steel structure, a masterpiece exclusively crafted by the artisans of DiSisto 1940 Italy. The seating, a canvas for choice, can be assembled in compositions of 3, 4, 5, or 6, each mirroring a different floral species, each with its own geometry, echoing the sacred mathematics of petals.

Tubular steel rods, deftly woven together, serve not only as a practical conduit for water and heat but as a whimsical mirage of translucence, akin to the delicate cellulose structures of sun-kissed foliage. PETALI, under the embrace of the sun's gentle caress, assumes an ethereal, euphoric translucency that dances with the light.

Adorned in the celestial robe of Thermal Chromatic paint, PETALI is a shape-shifter, a canvas that weaves patterns in concert with the temperature's ever-changing embrace. It beckons the elements and human touch alike to engage in a symphony of chromatic transformation, an ode to the ceaseless evolution of nature and our own organic existence.

Beneath its enchanting surface, PETALI conceals a secret. A NASA-tested, otherworldly alchemy of photocatalytic treatment adorns its final finish, a magical enchantment that purifies the world around. Virus, bacteria, pollutants – all dissolve into oblivion, banished by the sorcery of sunlight and air.

PETALI, a singular, one-of-a-kind masterpiece, emerges as a vessel that seamlessly merges the essence of nature into both interior and exterior realms. It invites you, dear traveler, to embark on a poetic journey, where art and nature's grandeur dance in perfect harmony, forever united in CREAZIONE SUGO's latest marvel – PETALI.


5 Petals Combination - approx W 251cm x L 251cm x H 107cm

Centre Console - W 74cm x L 67cm x H 49cm

Petal Seat - W 62cm x L 66cm x H 107cm

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