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F L Y 'I N


Many of us harbor a deep desire to soar through the skies, breaking free from the constraints of gravity and tradition. This aspiration was at the heart of the conception of 'FLY,' a revolutionary creation designed to challenge the mundane concept of objects being bound by gravity. The Air Purification Wings of FLY not only enhance the environment, but their dynamic motion also transforms the static quality of any space.

I am profoundly grateful for FLY; it elevated Creazione SUGO onto the global stage. Since its launch at Maison & Objet 2019, it garnered immense attention, culminating in the prestigious 2020 German Design Award Iconic Design, the highest accolade one can achieve. However, a simple question from my son, Leonardo, in 2021 sparked a transformative idea: "Daddy, why doesn't FLY 'FLY'?" Serendipitously, a young German startup called Compactive approached us, offering to bring this vision to life. Through their patented thermal dynamics technology, which utilizes heat to bend materials, FLY’IN was born after nearly a year of meticulous development. The intentional openings in the larger FLY’IN were not mere aesthetic choices; they were designed to achieve the 'flapping' movement, inspired by nature, creating an organic and lifelike motion.

FLY’IN marks the inception of the first kinetic installation in the Creazione SUGO family, introducing an additional layer of emotion to any installation endeavor. The built-in motion not only enhances the aesthetics but also amplifies the purification effect of our NASA-endorsed photocatalytic air clean technology. In the face of ongoing conflicts, such as the war in Ukraine, I dedicate this creation to the resilient souls in war-torn countries, honoring their bravery and yearning for freedom.

Every creation by Creazione SUGO incorporates the world’s most advanced photocatalytic technology, capable of cleansing the environment of viruses, bacteria, and pollutants. Activated solely by natural light and circulating air, this technology, endorsed by NASA, stands as the most potent of its kind globally, with effects lasting over 5 years under normal maintenance conditions.

Please note that FLY’IN is exclusively designed for commercial installations and is not available as a consumer product. Its installation must be overseen by a trained technician and Creazione SUGO founder. Pricing starts at USD 170,000. For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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