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Over 10 years ago when Kevin first met Giulia, he fell in loved her curly Mediterranean hair and proceed to study the conflicted and chaotic geometry of this inspiration. Perhaps sounding a bit disturbing and psychotic this provided a brief to create a piece of sculptural furniture that ignores conventional functionality of organization, practicality and standardization. Over the passing passage of time where both their lives transformed as a married couple and eventually having their own child, the design also evolved with the constant evolution of sustainable technology on the planet. Finally realized early in 2021 over one of the longest periods of gestation, The GIULIA represents SUGO interpretation of what the future of sustainable sculptures shall embrace. 3D printed in one piece entirely in recycle G.R.P (graphene reinforced plastic) this particular entity defies functionality and collaborates the “messiness” of display objects into part of its elliptical structural formation. Finished by hand with Lantau Island beach sand collected on their current residence and gradient painted with colours inspired by the sea of Sicily where their child, Leonardo was first conceived. The GIULIA tells a very personal story of SUGO and is necessary to be curated with over 10 years of learnt experience and  reminds the importance of beauty in conjunction with the health of our planet. A believe strongly shared by both Giulia and Kevin and hopefully Leonardo.

The GIULIA 3D Printed Recycle Plastic Display Object

Color: special curation
  • W 198cm x H 198cm W 35cm

    Monocoque 3D Printed Structure with special PET Recycle Plastic Material. Entirely Photocatalytic Treated

    Hand Painted with Zero VOC Paint

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