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SUGO founding members, Kevin and Giulia, wanted to ask themselves what a lamp design can actually be. When is a lamp not just a lamp, but also a sculpture? Could it have some family features to it? Can it evoke motion and emotion when it is inanimate? These questions lit up a light bulb in their heads and the OMINO lamp was born. The design is a symbolisation of everyday human activities in any given situation. The lamp sculptures are made simply by bending tubular steel into shapes that depict symbolic movements of the human body. An opaque glass sphere emitting an LED light represents both the human head and mind. OMINO questions the traditional representation of lighting as simply an object for illumination and fuses humanoid figures into a dynamic design. The initial collection consists of six ‘buddies’ or ‘family members’. When the OMINO lamp is placed inside a space, you and the designs become occupiers of the same space and the humanoid sculptural forms become more than just lamps.

OMINO SPYER Suspension Matt White

Color: matt white
  • L 128cm x H 130cm

    Design is completely touch activated

    Stainless Steel x Photocatalytic Opague Glass Head

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