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SUGO founder Kevin Chu was born in Hong Kong, a fast-paced and dynamic city in the heart of Asia. In Hong Kong people work and move at insane speeds and with a sense of urgency. Change and transformation is a way of life and the city’s skyline is in constant flux. METROPOLIS was created to celebrate and reflect the energy of all cities around the globe.  Although inspired initially by Hong Kong, SUGO reinterpreted the cityscape into abstract shapes using slanting geometry to mimic the 3-dimensional perspective of buildings while also incorporating movement in architectural form. The opaque acrylic panels of METROPOLIS can be freely combined and layered to recreate different cityscapes on the planet. Like our GUILIN design, it shares the same stainless-steel base allowing for infinite combinations of ‘Mountains’ or ‘Buildings’ and if placed adjacent to each other, they can even form an amazing glowing ‘Lampscape’. SUGO conceived both METROPOLIS AND GUILIN as illumination sculptures, which throw the creativity back to you, the consumer. No two ‘Lampscapes’ will ever be the same, as you have the freedom to create your own combinations. Celebrate the progress and evolution of the city, but also be aware that relentless progress can bring destruction and degradation to our planet, so we need to treat technological advancement with a sense of environmental responsibility.     

METROPOLIS Texture Brass

Color: matt white
  • H 44cm x W 64cm x D 10cm

    Design is completely touch activated

    Pure Brass x Photocatalytic 100% Recycle Plastic Acrylic Screens

    Hand Painted with Zero VOC Paint

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