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Lighting generally consists of functional objects that may shed light in a vast number of ways, but which always appear to be geometrically static rather than dynamic. SUGO, with its unconventional thinking, sees an alternative to this tradition. FLY is inspired by all entities, biological or otherwise, that can be airborne and defy gravity. This could be a flock of birds, paper airplanes or even butterflies flying inside a finite space. With its modular system, FLY can be either a single entity or a cluster of flying objects. The greater number of designs one installs, the more stunning the interior becomes. This display idea adds dynamic movement to any enclosed space and forms a tribute to two of the most vital elements of our world: the sky and the air all around us. Humanity’s obsession with venturing into the skies led to the conception of FLY. In nature and in our lives, we are constantly surrounded by motion and this creation celebrates and incorporates the concept of motion in static interiors. SUGO hopes to inspire you to FLY away from life’s mundanity and FLY above life’s burdens and social restrictions.

FLY Large Version

Color: matt white
  • H 20cm x W 50cm x D 30cm

    Anodised Stainless Steel x Photocatalytic 100% Recycle Plastic Acrylic Screens


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