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FOGLIA Carta is a Limited Edition made with collecting paper shreds from several discarded paper waste diposal hubs. A special inspitation NFT, designed by the founder will be granted to each unique pieces. 

FOGLIA (meaning ‘leaf’ in Italian) was the first design created by SUGO and perhaps the most significant and unique in our collection. It was first conceived over 10 years ago when the founder, Kevin Chu, got lost on a backpacking trip in central Thailand. There, he witnessed the ethereal colour transformation of the banana plant in different light conditions. In awe of the seemingly surrealistic bombardment of shapes and colours, he decided that one day he would design a product derived from this experience. FOGLIA was born in 2011 as the first example of SUGO’s innovative design spirit. After several years of alterations and enhancements, the final product came to life in 2018 with the world’s first magnetic interchangeable acrylic screen system designed by SUGO’s Italian research laboratory. This makes FOGLIA the most customisable design product seen in the lighting, sculpture and design industry.


FOGLIA Carta Ltd.

  • H 172cm x W 68cm x D 57cm

    Design is completely touch activated

    Stainless Steel x Photocatalytic 100% Recycle Plastic Acrylic Screens

    Hand Painted with Zero VOC Paint

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