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Rain is the essence of life on our planet. The Earth is composed of 97.5% unusable saltwater and only 2.5% fresh water. Rain is essential for the survival of all biological species and our planet itself. We also have an intense romantic notion of rain in movies and in literature. Listening to the gentle pitter patter of droplets creating ripples in static puddles and observing streams of water cascading over tactile surfaces evokes a sense of chaos and serenity at the same time. Silicon glass moulded discs encased in CNC machined metal appear as rainwater ripples that shed ambient light downwards. Once illuminated the ceiling lamp becomes an artistic installation of ripples above the observer. This SUGO design also took inspiration from the Chinese belief that water as one of the five elements can bring fortune to any given situation. Like FLY, RAIN with its modular system can be either a single entity or a cluster of RAINing elements. The more that are installed, the more spectacular the interior space becomes.

CLOUDI Wall Version

Color: matt white
  • W 105cm x H 48cm

    Photocatalytic Anodized Preforated Stainless Steel Panel Laser Pantographed

    Hand Painted with Zero VOC Paint

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