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Warner Bros Discovery commissioned a compelling short documentary to shed light on TCL Electronics Corporation's deep commitment to addressing imminent global issues. In response to this challenge, CREAZIONE SUGO, renowned for their sustainable art furniture and installations, embarked on a unique artistic endeavor centered around recycling e-waste.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world and family life, I found my muse on a grassy field in the picturesque Abruzzo region of Italy. The essence and geometry of grass, a symbol of nature's unparalleled beauty, captivated my imagination. I envisioned a modular sculptural installation seamlessly integrated with its environment—a concept I dubbed "Grass over Grass."

One of the often-overlooked treasures within e-waste is the computer circuit board, with its mesmerizing green hue when illuminated correctly. These boards became the focal point of my TCL Green sculpture, symbolizing the harmony between artistry and sustainability.

The artistic process began with the meticulous construction of a hollow steel framework, shaped to perfection. Over 3000 discarded computer circuit boards were then painstakingly hand-laminated onto the structure, allowing for internal lighting and nighttime illumination through the boards' green opaque tint. Collaborating diligently with DiSisto 1940 Italy, we created a unique, expandable installation that defies traditional boundaries, inviting viewers on a surreal journey akin to Alice in Wonderland.

To enhance the sculpture's allure, we applied a special Bioluminescence coating, ensuring that it glows naturally after absorbing sunlight during the day or can be spotlighted using photovoltaic illumination. Moreover, a NASA-tested photocatalytic treatment was incorporated into the final surface, purifying the surrounding environment by neutralizing viruses, bacteria, and pollutants with the power of sunlight and air.

TCL Green transcends its physical form by offering viewers an immersive experience through TCL Electronics Corporation's Augmented Reality Goggles. This groundbreaking approach provides a unique perspective, delving deeper into the intricacies of the design.

In essence, TCL Green stands as a testament to the degradation caused by e-waste and the origins of our digital era, rooted in the invention of computer circuit boards in 1963. It prompts reflection on humanity's relentless pursuit of the latest technologies, often resulting in wasteful habits. Through this transformative creation, we advocate for a shift in perspective—an invitation to rediscover the beauty within discarded materials, creating art that not only enriches our lives but also educates future generations.

Rosetp Degli Abruzzi, Italy

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