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Warner Bros Discovery was requested for a short documentary to come up with contents that show the world TCL is highly concerned with these impending issues. CREAZIONE SUGO, which has been known to pursue sustainable art furniture and installation designs, were approached to create something artistically unique with consideration on recycling e-waste.

As with most of my creations, I always took inspiration from nature with my family life so one day when my child was playing on a grass field in my adopted home of Abruzzo region in Italy, I thought about the essence and geometry of grass, which is one of the most beautiful elements on our planet and possibly the most significant symbol of nature.

Like most of my work, I do not consciously isolate my pieces as a standalone art object. My first instinct, was to conceive a modular sculptural installation directly related to the element it will be placed on. Let’s say the brief in my mind was to create “Grass over Grass”.

One the most unique but sometimes neglected components in e-waste is the computer circuit boards. These boards, when illuminated properly and with its green hue, can be amazing in aesthetic and fit perfectly for my color rendition of  TCL Green sculpture.

The technique is to first create a hollow steel structure welded into the desired shape. Then over 3000 discards computer circuit boards will be hand laminated on to the structure methodically where internal lighting can be applied for night-time illumination through the green opague tint on the boards. We work tirelessly with DiSisto 1940 Italy to create this entire installation which is a unique piece that can “expand in modularity” if desired. The sculpture must be much larger than its inspired element of grass as it needs to show the scale of the degradation of e-waste and the audience will need to be transported as if they were in Alice in Wonderland.

A special Bioluminescence coating is applied over the installation so when night falls, it will either be illuminated with either photovoltaic spotlight  and even if the light source is out of power, it will still glow naturally after absorbing photons emitted from the sun during the day.

A special NASA tested photocatalytic treatment was added to the final finishing surface where the entire installation will purify the surrounding environment of Virus, Bacteria and Pollutants activated with only sunlight and air.

This sculpture, once completed in its physical form, special content will be streamed through TCL Augmented Reality Goggles where a unique perspective of the design will be further intergrated.

To summarise, consider TCL Green as Totems on how our planet was degraded from the abundance of e-waste and how the origin of our current digital era was created through the invention of computer circuits boards in 1963.

Humans have always been inclined to savour on the latest and greatest and in turn we waste. Perhaps we need to rejuvenate and see the beauty in garbage into special art creations that give back to nature and educated the next generations.

Rosetp Degli Abruzzi, Italy

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