SUGOfounder Kevin Chu was born in Hong Kong; a fast paced and ever dynamic city inthe heart of Asia. In Hong Kong people work and move in insane speed and urgency.Constant changes and transformation to life and the city’s skyline is aneveryday occurrence. With this in mind METROPOLIS was created to celebrate andreflect the energy of a bustling city anywhere on the globe. Although inspiredby Hong Kong, SUGO reinterpreted the “buildings” into the most abstract shapewith the slanting geometry mimicking a 3 dimensional perspective of buildingsas well as movement in architectural form. METROPOLIS has the ability to combineand layer its opaque acrylic panels freely and can recreate every cityscape onthe planet. Just like GUILIN, it shares the same stainless steel base whichallows for infinite combinations of “Mountains” or “Building” and one can evencreate an amazing glowing “Lampscape” when both are placed adjacent to eachother. SUGO conceived both METROPOLIS and GUILIN as illumination sculptures thatthrows creativity back to you and no 2 Lampscape will ever be the same as weare all individuals with our own creative freedom of choice. Celebrate theprogress and evolution of the city but beware of unyielding progress can alsobring destruction and degradation to our planet and we need to treat technologicaladvancement with a sense of environmental responsibility.

AllSUGO lighting sculptures are integrated with the latest generation ofPhotocatalytic Environment Cleansing Technology that can permanently eliminateall strands of Corona Virus | 99.9% Bacteria | Industrial Pollutants activatedonly with natural light and circulating air. Our technology is all tested andcertified in Italy and Thailand using our own Italian In-House ScientificResearch Team and we are the world first company to employ this technology intogroundbreaking artwork.

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