There is a certain ethereal beauty of the moon. Somehow our closestplanet in this solar system evokes romance, serenity and mystery for ourinfinite sky and our collective minds. Fables and stories have been writtensince the dawn of civilizations. It also affects so much biodiversity on ourplanet as well influence our tidal movement on earth. In some ways I like tocall this the biggest lamp for our planet and with this it started our journeyfor this design’s inspiration. We all know the moon is not a static object andchanges its shape based on the orbital path in relations to the sun and ourplanet. The Luna lamp is created with the ability to rotate in a single axis torecreate a sense of eclipse to a full moon under a static light source. Theactual circular portion is also laminated with rice paper in order to hark backto our oriental influence of paper art, an invention that started over 2000years ago in China. The supporting steel frame of the design is envisioned toable the lamp to be adapted to ceiling, floor and desk versions to increaseflexibility and adaptability in any interior. We want the moon to illuminateeverywhere in your dwelling and we wish to bring you the romance and tranquilityof this amazing planet in any part of your home. Luna lamp evokes a sensegentle caressing illumination for any humanistic encounter, and it is a designthat steers away from standard functionality into a form of floating art; inspiredby one of the most important elements of our solar system.

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