Our design started life as a tribute the amazing rolling hills of Guilin in China. The design has a rectangular base that is embedded with LED lighting. A Set of 5mm acrylic panels (I call them Hills!) in variety of texture and finishes can be placed freely in the grooves situated on the base. During the day when the design is exposed to light the photocatalytic process will begin while at night when the light is switched on it will continue.

There are 2 sizes for this design with The Effective Cleansing Area (E.C.A) of Guilin Large @ 185cm wide will be approx 5.4sqm while Guilin Small @ 60cm wide will be approx 1.8sqm. Since the “hills” can be displaced freely by the user the lamps will have infinite customization ability for any interior.

It is the world first environment cleansing furniture that makes you and your family live healthier and happier but also a design that can work on mass to clean our planet. We believe furniture has to be more then just a nice piece of functional art/design and we hope that GUILIN will lead the way for a new generation of environmental living that any health conscious individuals or environmental planetarian will love to have.

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