Is it a lamp? Or a sculpture? Or both? The Guilin is most appropriately described as a ‘lampscape’. With etched acrylic mountains that sit on an illuminated base, the multiple award-winning Guilin lamp lights up your room with an ambient glow, while also adding sculptural beauty to one’s space… and it purifies the air too.  Principally, the Guilin lampscape comes with a base that uses edge-lit acrylic mountains to disperse light around the room. The abstractly designed edge-lit mountains come made from glass-reinforced acrylic and sit within slots in a metallic base fitted with a low-voltage 2700K warm LED light. The light shines through the base and the clear mountains, bouncing off the lines etched into the acrylic…. but that isn’t all. The Guilin Lamp also works as a photocatalytic air purifier that uses visible light to unlock certain naturally occurring minerals to cleanse the environment of impurities and toxins like 99.99% bacteria, CO2, formaldehyde, and odor particles. A good example of how this works can be found right above you for roughly half a day… the sun. The Guilin Lamp uses a similar light-based treatment to enrich and elevate your surroundings, not just aesthetically, but also in a very tangible way by purifying the very air you breathe… and it does so while channeling the same sort of imagery, hence the mountain-inspired design. You can shift and orient the mountains to create a landscape that gives you calm or complements your space. You can even cleverly add more mountains to diffuse more light, much like a physical, interactive dimmer mechanism. Designed as an ode to nature and the tranquility of mother earth, the Guilin lamp’s base comes coated in environmentally friendly paint, while the acrylic mountains themselves are made from 40% recycled plastic. Place the Guilin lampscape on a glossy reflective surface and it mimics the feeling of staring at the mountains sitting right behind a lake! 

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