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Our design, FOGLIA (meaning a leaf in Italian) was inspired from nature’s process of Photosynthesis. During the day when FOGLIA is placed near any natural light it will work to clean the surrounding environment while during the night when the light is switched on, the cleansing action will continue. The light is also equipped with dimmable WiFi App and can be changeable to 17 million colors (optional system upgrade from standard version). There are a series of screens that can magnetically click onto the openings of the lamp thus giving the design infinite customization possibilities to any interior. All accessories are also photocatalytic treated thus increasing the environment cleansing ability of the design. The Effective Cleansinig Area (E.C.A) of FOGLIA (Large @ 172cm tall) is approx. 4sqm and for FOGLIA (Small @ 62cm tall) is approx. 1.3 sqm. The design is entirely Handmade in Italy and World Wide Patented.

It is the world first environment cleansing furniture that makes you and your family live healthier and happier but also a design that can work on mass to clean our planet. We believe furniture has to be more then just a nice piece of functional art/design and we hope that FOGLIA will lead the way for a new generation of environmental living that any health conscious individuals or environmental planetarian will love to have.

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