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F O G L I A | F i l l o/R o s s o (Limited Edition)

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FOGLIA (meaning leaf in Italian) was an inspiration taken form nature where sunlight activates Photosynthesis through leaves creating its nutrition while plants itself absorbs harmful Carbon Dioxide from Air and creates Oxygen to sustain all lifeforms on our planet. During the day when FOGLIA places near any natural light it will work to clean the surrounding environment while during the night when the light is switched on, the cleansing action will continue. The light is operated via App and Voice Control. There are a series of double side treated Photocatalytic screens that can magnetically attach to the openings of the lamp thus giving the design infinite customization possibilities. The more screen accessories one purchases, the better the environment cleansing effect as this increases the reactive surface area. 

All SUGO lighting sculptures are integrated with the latest generation of Photocatalytic Environment Cleansing Technology that can permanently eliminate all strands of Corona Virus | 99.9% Bacteria | Industrial Pollutants activated only with natural light and circulating air. Our technology is all tested and certified in Italy and Thailand using our own Italian In-House Scientific Research Team and we are the world first company to employ this technology into groundbreaking artwork.

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