In the beginning of 2019, way before the world changed with the pandemic, both me and my family were spending our usual summer in the serene Adriatic in Italy. It was here in an instantaneous moment of staring at the infinite blue sky that a cluster of flocking seagulls inspired me to create a sculptural lamp that can “fly” metaphysically. After many months of research and prototyping FLY was launched in Paris Maison & Objet and the response was completely beyond my expectation. We sold out all 30 of our prototypes in 1 day and was instantly selected by Matusuhisa restaurant, co-owned by Mr Robert DeNiro and the legendary award-winning chef Nobu Matsuhisa as a unique custom installation in the luxury Amara Hotel entrance atrium to enormous fanfare including even the attendance of the President of Cyprus.

As the years went by FLY has become SUGO’s signature piece with an ever growing following and continuous global clientele which include major developers from all disciplines.

And at the end of 2020, FLY was awarded the highest accolade by The German Design Award and named as an iconic design of the 21stcentury!

But I always wish this creation can “FLY” and one year ago my child queries me, in his limited speech {he is only 3} “Why it no fly?”.So, it begins my journey into the next logical evolution of this creation.

With a strange twist of fate and luck, we were approached by a young German startup: www.compactive.deon using thermodynamics to “move” the “wings” of FLY which will be unhindered by the possible failure and cumbersome design of mechanical components. SUGO is proud to introduce FLYIN for 2022. FLYIN is only available as a highly limited custom artwork installation where the action of flocking the wings also increases its integrated NASA endorsed photocatalytic air purification treatment’s effectiveness.

FLYIN is dedicated to my family and nature. Know that each artniture (art furniture) is a piece of my life and my story that you will share with me.

For the pricing of FLYIN, we offer 2 custom installation options:

1)        FLYIN (small @ L 30cm x W 35cm x H 14cm)  the installation cluster starts at USD 37,500. This includes:

-15 FLYs

-all wi-fi circuitremote control either via smartphone or tablet

-dimmable function


2)       FLYIN (XL @ L 66.4cm x W 102cm x H 14cm)  thisis available as one individual piece at USD 7,860. This includes:

-all wi-fi circuitremote control either via smartphone or tablet

-dimmable function

*Please note that installation has to be done bycertified and trained technician from SUGO as there are heated elements thatactivates the movement and frequency of the wing components and can be hazardousto operate during installation and testing*

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