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"Many of us harbor a deep love for the idea of flight, often yearning for the ability to soar above the ground. Creazione SUGO conceived the concept of 'FLY' to shatter the mundane notion of design objects being confined by gravity and tradition. The Air Purification Wings not only enhance the environment, but the objects that glow 'in motion' also transform the static quality of any space.

Traditional lighting fixtures tend to be geometrically static, lacking the dynamic essence that defines the concept of movement. However, Creazione SUGO, driven by unconventional thinking, envisions an alternative to this tradition. FLY draws inspiration from all entities, whether biological or artificial, that can take flight and defy gravity. This could be a flock of birds, paper airplanes, or even butterflies gracefully navigating within a confined space.

With its modular system, FLY can exist as a singular entity or cluster of flying objects. The more designs one incorporates, the more breathtaking the interior becomes. This innovative display concept infuses dynamic movement into any enclosed space, paying tribute to two of the most fundamental elements of our world: the sky and the air enveloping us. Humanity's enduring fascination with exploring the skies gave birth to FLY. In both nature and our daily lives, motion surrounds us, and this creation celebrates and incorporates the essence of motion in otherwise static interiors.

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