Hutong describes traditional living areas with narrow alleys in Beijing. The term hutong induces an old Beijing where bicycles were abundant, and industrialization was sparse. In recent years the number of hutongs has dropped dramatically due to the rapid growth of modernization in China and we created this design to evoke a sense of nostalgia to these amazing historical dwellings. The laser cut steel structure of the lamp is based on the master plan design of streets within the hutong. The crystals represent each hutong houses and their unique spatial planning within the city grid formation.When the lamp structure is without crystal, it remains a unique piece of sculpture revealing the led base lighting. The design is entirely customizable by the user as crystals of different height and colors can be places freely in the openings which also alters the reflectivity and illumination index of the design. We believe we will be seeing a great magnitude of changes and displacement with China’s past architecture in the forthcoming future and the user becomes a metaphor for becoming the hand that changes the landscape. Wehope by understanding the ideology behind this lamp, the user will acknowledge the value of the hutong and treasure its change as a means of preserving its existence.

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