We are not fans of mass production or fast products. There are so many wastage on our planet since the dawn of our present consumerism society. Cheap cloths, cheap furniture, cheap anything is never cheap as it indirectly cost pollution to our planet which inversely affects us with the most drastic of all cost,our well being. I have been intrinsically link with Italy and have work as well as travel here for over 30 years and now luckily marrying my life and business partner who is Italian. Italy has one of the most vibrant furniture design/manufacturing culture in the world and is still currently at the top of its game. That is why i like to revolutionized the idea that a Chinese can be the designer and Italians can be the makers of such a revolutionary product. No discount and cost saving on our supplier as we choose the best of the best and we use the most durable and high level material to all our products. We follow the strictest sustainable manufacturing code and we not only enable our workers suggestive input on all our products but also give them the best working environment and ethics. Our creation are build to last and does not follow any trend or fashion. We believe money should be well spent on products that are great for you and our planet. We want you to own something so amazing it will be remembered for generations to come as well as join the environmental movement to a better future for our planet.

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