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P   E   T   A   L   I

CREAZIONE SUGO is proud to present our latest creation derived from “stealing” elements from nature, with sustainability as always inside our DNA.

PETALI! is it a furniture or a piece of sculpture? Well both as I think I created a shrinking device where I reduce the user into an insect inside a large flower enclosure!

Inspired by the abstracted formation of either the lotus or cherry blossom flower, it is an ode to luck and longevity represented by both of these species and has been passed on in Chinese mythology for thousands of years.

The entire structure is hand crafted exclusively by DiSisto 1940 Italy in galvanized steel and the seating can be chosen in either 3, 4, 5 or 6 compositions to represent different species of flowers that attains different geometrical qualities related to the quantity of “petals”.

By using tubular steel rods to compose of the entire system, it not only serves as a functional water/heat dissipation mesh but organized to mimic the euphoric translucency of plantation cellulose structure especially under indirect sunlight.

The steel rods on the top level of the petals are welded in gradient density in order to mimic the movement of a blossoming plantation as well as add dynamism to a static sculptural form. The final “icing on the cake” is that a special powder coated paint finish is applied by a local renowned Italian master painter, using only sustainable zero v.o.c paint that can never be reproduced industrially due to each piece is unique and judged entirely by mood and momentarily decision.

A special NASA tested photocatalytic treatment was added to the final finishing surface where the entire installation will purify the surrounding environment of Virus, Bacteria and Pollutants activated with only sunlight and air.

PETALI is a one-off unique piece of art furniture that morphs elements of nature into both interior and exterior spaces and currently we are developing a version that can automatically close and open up with illumination inside the console table, much like the process of meta transformation of a flower bud in different seasons.


5 Petals Combination - approx W 251cm x L 251cm x H 107cm

Centre Console - W 74cm x L 67cm x H 49cm

Petal Seat - W 62cm x L 66cm x H 107cm

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