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Nearly 10 years I first came up with the concept of The GIULIA. The ideology was inspired by my wife’s beautiful Mediterranean curly hair and by using ellipsoid forms I wanted to combined them into a display object that is entirely neglecting in normal functionality but objects placed on the design will have to adapt to the form and thus making the items stack in a chaotic manner; just like polarizing personality of my wife. As always in my brief this specific design was envisioned to be made entirely in one piece, but countless production/technological hurdles made my idea redundant and rested in gestation for a very very longtime. Not until the commercialization of 3D printing in the mid 2000’s that I see the potential to push this design further and finally in 2021 I realized this concept, proudly. Utilizing a next generation printing material consisting of Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PET, that can be commonly found in single use plastic bottles, which is then fused with Nano Graphene Fibres to add additional strength to the design, it is the first of its kind in the world with furniture/artwork creation. The GIULIA equals to recycling over 2300 plastic bottles in the process of realization, with a size of 1.98m x 1.98m x 35cm it was produced in one singular form with no joint weakness and abate to a monocoque form. The entirely object is applied with a special NASA tested and endorsed photocatalytic treatment which can cleanse the environment of virus, bacteria and pollutant activated only with natural light and circulating air.

To finalized The GIULIA, I personally painted the entire design with sand that are fused with a special Zero V.O.C paint with hints of a teal/turquoise color to recall the spectacular island of Marritimo in Sicily where our child Leonardo was first conceived in 2018.

The Giulia summarized so much that has happen to my life during these 10 years and since my family are all proponents of sustainability, I hope this shall lay the foundation on future art/furniture designs where one can possess luxury items that actively improves our planet.

I believe there is a new frontier in status symbols, not to have all the gold, marble or wood but to own pieces that improves our lives and the nature around us. This makes you the gamechanger for you and your next generation. 

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