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I have always been thankful to FLY; it was a creation that help elevate SUGO to the world as it was the project, after launching in Maison & Objet 2019, that gather great fanfare and put us on the map after winning the coveted 2020 German Design Award Iconic Design, the highest accolade one can garner. But the funny thing was one day in the 2021, my son Leonardo told me “Daddy, why FLY does not ‘FLY?” and by a fate of coincidence a young German start-up call Compactive came to us and offer to make it “FLY”, a vision that was always in the backburner of my mind! Using a patented thermal dynamics technology which uses heat to bend material, FLY’IN was born after close to a year of development. The opening on the larger FLY’IN was made not just as an aesthetic after thought but to lighten the acrylic wings in to achieve the ‘flapping’ movement to biomimicry to be more organic.

This is the beginning of the first kinetic installation in SUGO family which adds a further dimension of emotion in any installation endeavour. Because of the motion built into this unique version, our NASA photocatalytic air clean technology is further enhanced as increase air current, during motion, can accentuate the purification effect! FLY’IN is dedicated the ideology of freedom and transcends all paths of degradation we encounter. As of authoring this article for FLY’IN, the war on Ukraine is raging daily and many lives has been changed or lost due to the selfish and insane theology of one dictator. I like to dedicate this creation to the worn torn countries be it pass, present of future and prevail their bravery to freedom.

*Please note FLY’IN is only for commercial installation and is not created as a consumer product as installation has to overseer by a trained technician as well as SUGO founder. Starts at USD 170,000. Please contact us for further information*

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