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"No one can ever pinpoint the exact shape of a cloud; it moves and transforms constantly. 'Cloudi' was meticulously crafted as an optical illusion, designed to change its form as you move around it. This illusion is achieved by layering multiple perforated metal panels on top of each other. Moreover, these panels have the remarkable ability to purify the air around them.

The founding members of Creazione SUGO, Kevin and Giulia, found their inspiration one day while sunbathing on an Italian beach during the scorching summer. Sheltered beneath the shade of cloud clusters, they envisioned incorporating this natural element into their next design project. Unlike conventional lighting solutions that simply illuminate a space, Kevin and Giulia aimed to create a more abstract system—one that not only provided light but also shade, a beautiful dichotomy in functionality.

They achieved this vision by sandwiching several laser-cut perforated metal panels within an LED light tube. Drawing on Creazione SUGO's expertise in optical illusions from their previous architectural and interior design projects, they ingeniously superimposed materials to distort perspectives, creating a mesmerizing sense of motion and transformation. What sets Cloudi apart is its unique ability to not only light up a designated space but also produce shadows, motion, and transformation, all in one elegant package.

Nature and our planet are in a constant state of evolution, and Cloudi embodies these qualities, infusing any interior space with a sense of perpetual change. Creazione SUGO views Cloudi as a source of inspiration, akin to the innovative RAIN lamp, and they can harmoniously coexist as a unified illumination art installation entity.

It's worth noting that all creations by Creazione SUGO are equipped with the world's most advanced photocatalytic technology, capable of cleansing the environment of viruses, bacteria, and pollutants. Activated solely by natural light and circulating air, this technology is truly invincible. Endorsed by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA), it stands as the most powerful of its kind on the planet. Remarkably, its effects can last for over five years with normal maintenance. Creazione SUGO takes pride in pioneering this groundbreaking technology, ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment for all."

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