While our family was lying on the beach sunbathing in the Italiansummer there are momentarily flocks of clouds that blocks the scorchingsunlight while providing us with periods of shade. We thought about using thisideology and reverse the functionality of what lighting is for a home. When onethinks about lighting it considers illuminating an interior but we wanted toprovide shading system for directing illumination while also playing oftransformation quality of shadows. Two laser cut perforated steel panels ofidentical shape is sandwich within a LED light tube in its center. Through ourunderstanding of optical illusions in other architectural and interior projectwhen such material is superimposed over each other, it will create a sense of opticalillusion when people walk around the design. This is the unique quality ofCLOUDI lamp as apart from lighting up a designated space it also providesshadow motion and material transformation of the design. Just like a Cloud itis never static and always transforming. Nature and our planet are alwaysevolving and changing and our design carries over these qualities into anyinterior spaces. We consider Cloudi lamp an inspirational offspring of our AWalk in the Rain lamp as a collection that celebrates water and air that isalways surrounding and giving vitality to out atmosphere.

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