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Creazione SUGO is a dynamic and visionary design hub that was established in 2018, with operational bases in both Italy and Hong Kong. Guided by the visionary leadership of Kevin Chu, a qualified UK architect, the organization's remarkable journey has been strongly influenced by his unwavering dedication to sustainability, a value that he cultivated during his formative years at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London.

The hub operates through a rotating partnership model, collaborating with approximately five designers and technology experts, fostering a diverse and innovative environment. At the core of Creazione SUGO's philosophy lies a profound commitment to collaborative creation, seamlessly blending the boundaries between art, design, sustainable technologies, and mixed reality. This unique approach has led to the accumulation of a prestigious collection of over 50 awards from across ten diverse countries. Their ongoing partnership with Warner Brothers Discovery, characterized by imaginative joint art installations, is a testament to their innovative mindset. Furthermore, the organization is on the cusp of achieving two world record ventures, which promise to add even greater depth to their already distinguished portfolio which includes clients as diverse as TCL Electronics, Fuorisalone, Aran Cucine, Sinoland Hong Kong, Multiforme Lighting, Midea Electronics, Sony, LVMH, South China Morning Post, Salone del Mobili Milan + Shanghai, Siemens Electronics, Daikin Air conditioners, Westbank Corp and many more.

Central to Creazione SUGO's guiding ethos is an unwavering commitment to boundless creativity that transcends the confines of project scale. This principle has propelled them to create projects that resonate on a global scale, including the two prospective Guinness World Record ventures, as well as their steadfast collaboration with Warner Bros Discovery.

Italy serves as the bedrock of Creazione SUGO's operations, and their strategic decision to anchor their design and manufacturing processes in the country speaks volumes about their faith in the revered "Made in Italy" label. This label symbolizes unparalleled creativity and unwavering quality on the global stage. Their enduring partnership with Disisto 1940, a family-owned steel-making artisan nestled in the heart of Italy, further underscores their dedication to exceptional metalwork craftsmanship and heritage.

In summation, Creazione SUGO is an exceptional design hub defined by its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a unique ethos of collaborative creation. Their global impact is evident as they play a vital role in upholding and elevating Italy's historical reputation as a design capital. With unwavering dedication to creativity and sustainability, Creazione SUGO continues to shape and influence the design landscape through its visionary approach.

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