Generally, we don’t like to have rainy days! It gets us wet and it makes daily activity a chore to complete. But rain is the essence of life on our planet as earth is composed of 97.5% unusable saltwater and only 2.5% freshwater. Rain itself remains the giver of any biological survival and it is the vital element that sustain our planet. Yet we also have an intense romantic notion of rain in movies and literature. Listening the gentle ripples of droplets colliding over static puddles and observing cascading streams of water flowing over tactile surfaces evokes a sense of chaos and serenity at the same time. We decided to bring the essence of rain into this design but using indirect illumination instead. . This recreates the ripple effect of rain drop on water. Once illuminated this ceiling lamp will becomes an artistic installation of ripples above the user. We also took our inspiration from the Chinese believe that water can bring luck and fortune to any given situations.A Walk in The Rain is not just a lamp but perhaps an interactive installation in any interior, perhaps the lamps can glow slowly, perhaps there is background ambient soundtrack of falling water noise. Our design wishes to push lighting into a new sense of creativity to accentuate motion and sensual euphoria into any interior.

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