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F L Y (S)

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Lightings are usually functional objects that while illuminates in a vast array of ways, seems always to be static in geometry. SUGO design sees a solution that requires unconventional thinking and execution in order to stray away from tradition. FLY Lamp is inspired by all biological entities that can be airborne and seems to defy gravity. It is created to redefine what pendants lamps can be within an interior. Conceived by simply folding a piece of 8mm thick acrylic with LED illumination placed in the center of design, in either suspended form with its wing tips facing upwards or downwards, the design team envision it as flocks of birds, perhaps paper airplanes and even butterflies flying inside an infinite space. The lamp seems to glow only on its edges due to the specific way and exhausting research of ingeniously utilizing indirect illumination in mathematically calculated placement of the design. With its modular system it can bought either as a single piece or as collective clusters of flying objects and can be composed freely in any interior space. The more one installs the design, the more amazing the interior becomes. It is an idea that adds dynamic movement to any spatial enclosure and a tribute to the most vital element of on this planet: Sky and Air while also rejecting the boundaries of gravity. Human’s persistent obsession with ascending into the heavens leads to FLY lamp’s conception. In nature and our lives we are encased in constant motion and this design celebrate and accentuate motion in most static interiors. FLY away from life’s mundanity and FLY above all burdens of all social boundaries is what the design team hopes to inspire. 

 All SUGO lighting sculptures are intergrated with the latest generation of Photocatalytic Environment Cleansing Technology that can permanently eliminate all strands of Corona Virus | 99.9% Bacteria | Industrial Pollutants activated only with natural light and circulating air. Our technology is all tested and certified in Italy and Thailand using our own Italian In-House Scientific Research Team and we are the world first company to employ this technology into groundbreaking artwork.

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