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G U I L I N | W h i t e

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Years ago, SUGO founder Kevin Chu went to Guilin for one of his adventure bicycling trips and after returning from this experience he envisioned that one day on using design elements inspired by this stunning location in one of his creations. Consisting of a rectangular steel base that is embedded with LED lightings, laser sliced acrylic panels (SUGO team call them Hills!) in variety of texture and finishes it can be placed freely over the grooves situated on the top of the base. Once the light is switched on the acrylic hills will absorb the vertical illumination into its laser pantograph lines and mimic a glowing mountain Landscape/Lampscape. GUILIN LAMPSCAPE put the user into the role of the creator to invent whatever composition is desired. Since the acrylic hills can be exchanged easily new designs can be adapted for future collections. It is not a geometric static object but a transformable entity just like the essence of nature it derives inspiration from. 

All SUGO creations are integrated with the world most advance Photocatalytic Technology that can permanently eliminate all strands of Corona Virus | Bacteria | Industrial Pollutants in just 60mins and activated only with natural light and circulating air. Our technology is tested and endorsed by NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration of USA and is effective for a minimum period of 5 Years!

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